In 2017, I wish

( in no particular order)

to write more and more often;

to never ask for a plastic grocery bag or a disposable to-go coffee cup again;

to only drink local beer, wherever I am;

to spend more time in the backcountry with my dear husband;

to visit my family and friends in Québec and write a blog post about the wonderful things there are to do as a visitor;

to get rid of more stuff (donate, sell, swap, repurpose);

to spend less money and put more into savings;

to start meditating and doing yoga more consistently;

to make healthy freezer meals so I have more time to do all the things above;

to become a rock warrior (mentally stronger in my climbing);

to plan a big trip with my family;

to come up with a successful strategy to put my daughter to bed without a fight each night;

to breathe more mindfully;

to not take things so personally;

to improve my public speaking skills;

and last but not least…

In 2017 I wish to love more, love better and more unconditionally because I now am convinced that it’s the only thing that can improve my own life, my family’s and have a positive impact on the world around me.

2017 is a blank canvas. 2017 is the year of true love. Happy New Year.

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