My name is Emilie. I nourish a deep passion for the mountains.

Climbing, skiing mountains and traveling to enjoy my passions nourish me.

So does sharing meaningful moments with my husband, my five-year-old daughter, our friends and family.

These are the main things that fill my soul and make me feel alive… although my husband would also argue that I am “une obsedee de la bouffe”, which means “obsessed with good food”.

We live in Kimberley, a small town nestled in the Purcell mountains in British Columbia, Canada. The mountains and the people around of the Kootenays are amazing, but sometimes we like to spread our love to other mountains and other unique places too.

In real life, I am a woman who tries to achieve balance between being a mom, a wife, getting out there to enjoy the mountains, work and everything else…but only what really matters.

Family life certainly redefines how, how much and why I spend time in the mountains, but to me, it’s more meaningful now than ever before.

I am also a tourism professional whose work is dedicated to make our mountain playground a wonderful place to visit and let the world know about it.

Here are my stories. I hope they will inspire you to keep moving and getting out there, no matter how many kids you have or how busy you think you are.



P.S. This blog is a personal online journal and all the stories are strictly reflecting my own experiences and opinions. The photos are mine or my husband’s unless otherwise stated.