To The Mothers Of My Life


My mother-in-law

At 83 years old, she manages to play with and entertain her grand-daughter for hours in spite of her limited mobility.

With her, bedtime storytime is filled with giggles and wonderful tales. She never thinks twice to treat her grand-child to a pony ride or a cute piece of clothing although she never spends a dime on herself.

With her, every meal is a feast prepared with love from the wee hours to lunch time.

In spite of living a life of hard labour and privation – she experienced Second World War first hand – she never lost her positive attitude and love of life.


Dear Maryse, Happy Mother’s Day!


My Stepmother

She has wanderlust and an appetite for adventure like very few women of her age.

Mother of 3 and grandmother of 6 – 7 counting my daughter – with a 94-year-old father still living, she cares for her clan with kindness and tenderness.

From preparing and cooking the best camping meals in the world to sewing the cutest little clothes for her grandkids and their dolls, she doesn’t fear to learn new skills and develop her talents.


Dear Diane, Happy Mother’s Day!


My Mother

She is a strong, independent and elegant woman on the outside but sensitive and vulnerable inside.

She enjoys what is good in life – good food & wine – traveling – spending time outdoors. She fears not taking on new challenges – personal and professional –  and seldom gives up.

She is a wonderful friend, sister and aunt and she surrounds herself with wonderful people. She would be the best partner to the lucky man that could gain her love.

She flys half-way across the globe to hang out with her beloved grand-daughter who will tell you she plays “house” like no one else, gives the best foot rubs and is the most courageous at polar bear swims.

She is always there to listen to me and support me in the good and the bad and I know I can always count on her sound advice.

Diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago, she cruised through pre and post surgery with calm and resilience and is now as healthy, alive and well as ever.




Dear Roselyne, dear MOM! Happy Mother’s Day !

I sure am grateful to have such special human beings as the mothers of my life …and to all the other mothers in my life, Happy Mother’s Day!










“Your greatest contribution to the universe may not be something you do but someone your raise” Andy Staley


To all the mothers, who with dedication strive to accomplish the most natural yet the most complex of all tasks; bring up independent, intelligent and kind humans beings.

…And to all the fathers who embark upon the journey with them (of course!).

Happy Mother’s Day, with all my love and admiration.




In 2017, I wish

( in no particular order)

to write more and more often;

to never ask for a plastic grocery bag or a disposable to-go coffee cup again;

to only drink local beer, wherever I am;

to spend more time in the backcountry with my dear husband;

to visit my family and friends in Québec and write a blog post about the wonderful things there are to do as a visitor;

to get rid of more stuff (donate, sell, swap, repurpose);

to spend less money and put more into savings;

to start meditating and doing yoga more consistently;

to make healthy freezer meals so I have more time to do all the things above;

to become a rock warrior (mentally stronger in my climbing);

to plan a big trip with my family;

to come up with a successful strategy to put my daughter to bed without a fight each night;

to breathe more mindfully;

to not take things so personally;

to improve my public speaking skills;

and last but not least…

In 2017 I wish to love more, love better and more unconditionally because I now am convinced that it’s the only thing that can improve my own life, my family’s and have a positive impact on the world around me.

2017 is a blank canvas. 2017 is the year of true love. Happy New Year.